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A U-Cup is used to seal hydraulic fluid (hydraulic U-Cup seal) or air (pneumatic U-Cup seal). It creates the necessary pressure for the hydraulic and pneumatic power systems to work. It is designed to ensure that pressurised fluid/air does not leak across the cylinder head as the system pressure pushes the piston down or up the cylinder bore.

The choice of U-Cup is decided by the way in which a cylinder operates. For a single-acting cylinder, in which the sealing dynamic pressure is from one side (unidirectional), it is best to choose a seal designed for single-acting to provide optimum sealing. In the case of a double-acting cylinder, in which the sealing dynamic pressure is from both sides (bidirectional), the sealing is best achieved by using a double-acting seal. If two single-acting U-Cup is used in a double-acting cylinder, the seal may breakdown due to the fact that a very high pressure can be trapped between the single-acting seals.

The sealing lips on the U-Cup are molded to form a symmetrical profile. It has a very slight radius to prevent all the lubricant on a shaft or housing to be wiped off, which may cause a considerable amount of wear on the seal and hence, early seal failure. The U-cup also does not rely on initial compression to seal; hence it is an excellent seal to be used in applications that require low breakaway pressure.

There are numerous applications for this type of seal, for examples, construction and off-road vehicles, backhoes, front-loaders, tractors, cranes, bull dozers and forklifts.

A U-Cup can be designed to be used with integrated or separate back-up rings and guide rings to further improve the pressure rating of a hydraulic system.

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