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Oil Seal

An oil seal, also known as a rotary shaft seal or lip seal, is used to seal a rotating shaft or bore. Some common examples of oil seals are strut seals, hydraulic pump seals, axle seals, power steering seals, and valve stem seals.

The oil seal consists of a main sealing lip, which is pushed against a shaft by a spring. The lip forms a point contact on the shaft by two angles, with the air side angle usually less than the oil side angle. These two angles can be varied according to the type of sealing. For example, a shallower slope on the oil side of the seal allows a wetter running seal.

Our oil seal can also include numerous types of dust lips or exclusionary lips to exclude contaminants. The sealing lip can be made of FKM, ACM, NBR, HNBR, and AEM.

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